Dive into the fascinating world of coffee with two great podcast episodes from “Plants of the Gods,” Season 5, Episodes 4 and 5. These episodes, titled “Coffee, the World’s Favorite Stimulant,” explore coffee’s chemistry, history, and cultural impact.

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Plants of the Gods: S5E4. Part 1–Coffee, the World’s Favorite Stimulant – Chemistry, History, and More

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Plants of the Gods: S5E5. Part 2–Coffee, the World’s Favorite Stimulant – Chemistry, History, and More

I’m particularly fascinated by the history of coffee, especially its role in 17th-century England. Back then, coffee shops, or “penny universities,” were more than just places to drink coffee. For just a penny, people could enter, sip coffee, and join vibrant discussions. These spaces, mostly visited by men, were crucial in shaping the Enlightenment and even helped kick-start periodical literature.

The magic of these coffeehouses wasn’t just in the coffee but in the lively atmosphere they created. They were hubs of conversation and business. When you drink your coffee today, think about these “penny universities” and their significant role in history.