Updated: Aug 5th 2022

The current portfolio of projects and companies I’m working on

Night Eye – dark mode extension

Night Eye is a browser extension that enables dark mode on nearly any website. We’ve been developing and working on it for more than a year already and the journey is incredibly fun. Browser extensions is one of the hardest things that you can actually charge for. People expect them to be completely free forever and trust me when I’m saying that we are really happy how this turned out to be a profitable project.

BlockZilla – hide promoted tweets and ads

BlockZilla automatically removes all sponsored posts, promoted tweets, and ads.

Prisma – the family business for promotional goods

Prisma is the family business that this year will celebrate its 25th birthday. It is one of the leading companies that produces, distributes and imprints promotional goods and merchandise on the Bulgarian market. Started by my mother, the company is stable and dynamic business that has gone through rough times but managed to thrive and grow.

Drive Password – secret manager based on Google Drive

Drive Password is a project that has been developed for quite a while. We’ve been slowly developing it for more than a year. It is a project that mainly scratches our itch – to have a secure password manager where we can share the company’s passwords and retain complete control over our data. Drive Passwords encrypts all data and stores it within the user’s Google Drive account. Easy to use, maximum security and data control

Movemar – field marketing software

Movemar is a SaaS product targeting mostly Field Rep companies and brands that have their internal teams of field representatives. Already up and running for 2 years, we are continuously developing the platform, growing our customer base and serving them as best as we can.

Relanote – note-taking app – sold it

A note-taking tool to help you connect the dots. Wiki or classical hierarchy, Relanote adapts to your thinking process