Updated: June 7th 2019

I’ve been constantly postponing for the past 6-7 months to update this page with the latest things I’m interested in and how I spend my days.

What I’m working on

Night Eye – dark mode extension

Night Eye is a browser extension that enables dark mode on nearly any website. We’ve been developing and working on it for more than a year already and the journey is incredibly fun. Browser extensions is one of the hardest things that you can actually charge for. People expect them to be completely free forever and trust me when I’m saying that we are really happy how this turned out to be a profitable project.

Website –

Prisma – the family business for promotional goods

Prisma is the family business that this year will celebrate its 25th birthday. It is one of the leading companies that produces, distributes and imprints promotional goods and merchandise on the Bulgarian market. Started by my mother, the company is stable and dynamic business that has gone through rough times but managed to thrive and grow.

Website –

Movemar – marketing on the move

Movemar is a SaaS product targeting mostly Field Rep companies and brands that have their internal teams of field representatives. Already up and running for 2 years, we are continuously developing the platform, growing our customer base and serving them as best as we can.

Website –

Physical activities

Although I’ve trained couple of sports seriously since I was a kid, at the moment I’m purely focused on weightlifting. In the past, I’ve trained tennis for 5 years, but stopped practicing it due to being withheld by my parents to pursuit it professionally. The second physical activity which cannot be called a sport, but rather an art is Karate. I studied it intensely for 4 straight years (3 in Sofia and 1 in Lancaster UK).


I’ve been consistently heading to the gym at least 4 times a week for the past 8 years. Due to painful injuries first in the stomach muscles and later in the lower back, I lost nearly all my progress. Since 2 years, I have been slowly rebuilding my body and improving my performance. One of the key mistakes that could have prevented my injuries and speed up the recovery was NOT looking for the help of a trainer.

Since January, Borislav is helping me to get bigger and stronger than ever before. I will most likely make a separate post with his methods, what I realised and how is it going on so far.