Writing Challenge – day 2 – Impact

Have you considered the impact your grandparents and even grand grandparents have on you today? They might not be alive anymore, but they have serious influence over the person you are right now.

Understanding the impact your ancestors have on you is something that can transform your life. If you are curious and would like to experiment, there are 2 easy steps you can take.

  1. Get to know your ancestors better
    If they are alive – spend as much time with them talking and asking questions about their life. Take notes and if possible record them. Every single detail can matter at some point. Also, ask them about their parents and grandparents. Ask for curious stories, interesting facts, and major life decisions.
  2. Reflect
    Systematize and reflect over your notes. If possible, go back and clarify whatever is not clear. Reflect and think of how everything is impacting you today.

This article is part of my writing challenge – Writing Seed. Join it and become more consistent with writing. It’s totally free.

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