Week #15 – thoughts and ideas

Last week, out of the blue, an idea emerged in my mind, a thought:

Stop being a passive consumer. Start creating and engaging with other creators.

I thought to myself that I should challenge myself to create, instead of consume ideas and knowledge.

I was staying on the consumer side for such a long time that I felt the need for a change (probably age is one of the subtle factors pushing me in that direction). For the past 6-7 years I’ve been consuming on daily basis books, audiobooks, podcasts, newsletters, blog posts, videos.

I’ve “optimised” my life around being efficient at consuming and retaining knowledge, but not much at actually creating it or at least attempting to do so.

So here it is the adventure I plan to go through or to put it differently the challenge I’m ready to face.

For the next 12 weeks, every Saturday I’ll be writing a summary of my thoughts, ideas, curious findings, and thought experiments that week.

The goal is to:

  1. Stick with it no matter what at least for the time frame of the challenge
  2. Ignore any metrics (I intentionally have not installed any analytics on my website)
  3. Focus on the process
  4. 4. Each week to get at least one person to read it and say “That’s interesting” The last one is included not to be measured or tracked but as a guiding light when I’m creating the article.

Theme of the week

Setting up Ghost and making the plan of how to

Random thoughts

  • Schools should allow you to find and develop your passion or as Sir Ken Robinson puts it – your Element.
  • The only way to curate the content you see in any social media platform is to curate the people in your network. This is true not only for your digital life, but also for the real life. By curating the people around you, you are actively building your world. When I shared that on BitClout, someone asked me how to do it. Well, most of the time you need to be focused on removing people. Sounds harsh, but… that’s the truth.
  • Stop being a passive consumer. Start creating and engaging with other creators. This is the way.
  • One day you will look back and realize that you worried too much about things that don’t really matter. Stop worrying, start creating.

Cool things I discovered

  • A nice thread with collection of personal websites. Found very inspiring websites with great content.

  • A great introduction to Marcus Aurelius on a recent podcast BBC Radio 4 – In Our Time episodes. The thing that really stuck with me while listening is the idea that if it wasn’t for the Meditations, we would all see Marcus Aurelius as one of the most powerful and solid Roman emperors. The fact that we can see what was in his mind thanks to the “journal” that he wrote now know as the Meditations, we see him in a very different light. #stoicism
  • https://excalidraw.com – Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams. It seems that I’m a bit late to find this, but it is a great tool.

1/12 – Done

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