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  • Writing Challenge – day 24 – What is success?

    What is success? Success is something you are in full control of. From the very definition of it up to the point where you decide if you reached it or not. Every person has to define what does success means to him or her. Thanks to societal pressures and expectations, not every person do so. […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 22 – Online vs Offline

    Today’s word or I should say the phrase is online vs offline. As I have found no old notes on that topic, I began thinking about how to approach it and what to write. I spent a good amount time of Googling that phrase in a search for inspiration. As I an entry point on […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 21 – Explore

    It is critical for the emotional development of every child to explore the world on their own terms. That’s one of the main concepts of the famous British pediatrician and psychoanalyst – Donald Winnicott. Before going into more details on how I try to apply that concept with my kid, let me tell you why […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 19 – What can wait?

    The lesson you are trying to teach your kid can wait. When the child misbehaves in some way, your intervention with rational explanations can wait until the emotions settle down. Let’s break down the process how it usually happens and how I try to change it for myself. The typical scenario involves mischief by the […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 18 – Butr

    There is no one to blame but me. If we could all try to fully understand and embrace that perspective. If we could all take responsibility instead of handing it quickly as a hot potato to the nearest person. If we could all overcome our ego and take the hit even if it’s not 100% […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 17 – Focus

    The first thing that came to my mind when I read today’s word “FOCUS” was this article by James Clear. The idea expressed in this short and well-written article is that instead of focusing on a precise goal, you need to focus on setting up the right system for you. The whole concept of goal […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 16 – Overthinking

    We don’t need perfection. We need to move forward. There is a 100% chance that you will never get the whole picture and every detail. The longer you wait and plan, the more things change and the less you know. A couple of examples of overthinking New year, new you – let’s get in shape. […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 15 – Anger

    Anger is an emotion common to everyone. It is something we’ve been experiencing since the dawn of humankind. Because it is something we all share, our perspective of it continues to shift in the wrong direction. We tend to accept that being angry is normal. But it is not. It is a strong sign of […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 12 – Distraction

    There are numerous distractions and we often fall prey to them. That is the general narrative in most productivity books, articles, podcasts, and media focused on that topic.Although I agree with it, some nuances are often neglected. Distractions vary from person to person If you are a writer, social media is a distraction. If you […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 11 – Year 2500

    March 7th, 2500. We haven’t been outside for nearly a year already. I so want to go out and explore the lands that were once beautiful and green. They are still fascinating to me, but from the pictures I’ve seen, it’s nothing like before. I want to venture out and breathe some “fresh air”. That’s […]