Writing Challenge – day 8 – Talent

Talent is not relevant for you. Erase that word from your vocabulary as it is often used as a part of an excuse.

People often say I don’t have a talent for that, but what they mean – I don’t want to put in the hard work to master whatever I’m trying to do.I’ve done it, you’ve done it, pretty sure every person has used the phrase “I’m not talented at …”

But why are we so “talented” in using that same word to justify our inaction? It is easy, that’s why.It’s easy to say I’m not good at writing (or any other skill) and doomscroll Twitter.

Stop doing it. Stop using the word talent.
Replace it with hard work like so:
– I’m good at writing because I’ve worked hard enough every day for the past X years.
– I’m good at starting new businesses because I’ve worked hard to launch new ventures and learn from my mistakes.

This article is part of my writing challenge – Writing Seed. Join it and become more consistent with writing. It’s totally free.

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