Writing Challenge – day 12 – Distraction

There are numerous distractions and we often fall prey to them. That is the general narrative in most productivity books, articles, podcasts, and media focused on that topic.
Although I agree with it, some nuances are often neglected.

Distractions vary from person to person

  • If you are a writer, social media is a distraction.
  • If you are a social media marketer, gaming is a distraction.
  • If you are a gamer, watching movies is a distraction.
  • If you are a movie critic, email is a distraction.The general notion that social media, gaming, and movies are the enemy of productivity is false.

Distractions are necessary
You need to be distracted from your main thing. You need to rest and recover to avoid burnout. Just like you can’t lift weights every single day for 10 hours straight, you can’t write non-stop.

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