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  • Writing Challenge – day 10 – Why

    Why? Why? Why?… The question that children love to ask literally up to the point of the mental collapse of their parents. Even if you are not a parent, you know what I’m talking about. Why do I love the question “why” and do think it’s foundational for the child’s development? It is a sign […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 9 – Enough

    The most frequent excuse I hear is “I don’t have enough time”. I don’t have enough time to read I don’t have enough time to excercise I don’t have enough time to work on my side project I don’t have enough time to learn a new thing I don’t have enough time to get a […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 8 – Talent

    Talent is not relevant for you. Erase that word from your vocabulary as it is often used as a part of an excuse. People often say I don’t have a talent for that, but what they mean – I don’t want to put in the hard work to master whatever I’m trying to do.I’ve done […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 7 – Role model

    We, as humans, learn through observation. Especially for young kids, this is their main source of knowledge on how to navigate the world. It’s by no surprise why the parents are the most influential role models for every child. To put it differently, having a role model is a critical part of the child’s development. […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 6 – Quit

    Writing Challenge – day 6 – Quit

    What a coincidence the today’s word to be quit. Earlier today I was watching a documentary covering one of the most extreme triathlons – Patagonman. To give you an idea, a participant needs to cover a 3.8 km swim in the Aysén Fjord (10-12C water temperature), a 177 km bike ride, and a 42.9km run. […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 5 – Expectations

    Expectations and the enemy of a happy life. Think of your expectations as pink (or any other color) glasses that YOU made and proudly wear all the time. You never take them off and you see the world only through them. That’s not the world, that’s your biased view of it and it comes with […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 4 – Time

    Writing Challenge – day 4 – Time

    It takes time! If I can teach my kids only one thing – that will be it. There is no overnight success, it takes a lot of time and a tremendous amount of work to be successful. Why would I pick that lesson among many other things to teach them? Well, it’s becoming ever more […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 3 – Observe

    Writing Challenge – day 3 – Observe

    So you have a Ph.D. in …. You studied for 10+ years the topic of your choosing, but never dedicated even a day of studying yourself? My oh my! This is what, I assume, one of my favorite authors Anthony De Mellow would say to a person boasting about their academic performance. One of the […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 2 – Impact

    Writing Challenge – day 2 – Impact

    Have you considered the impact your grandparents and even grand grandparents have on you today? They might not be alive anymore, but they have serious influence over the person you are right now. Understanding the impact your ancestors have on you is something that can transform your life. If you are curious and would like […]

  • Writing Challenge – day 1 – Direction

    Writing Challenge – day 1 – Direction

    I’ve decided to join Borislav‘s daily writing challenge since writing is something I haven’t had time to practice in the past 6-7 months. Haven’t had time = I did not prioritize it. The rules are simple – every day you get a seed word that you can use as a starting point for your writing […]