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Daily thoughts

The most efficient way of consuming books without dedicating any of your free time.

As most of you I am busy juggling more than one or two things in my life. From working in the family company, starting another one to training 5-6 days a week AND having some kind of social life. Each as aspect is demanding attention, time and energy which are limited. My love for books, …

Daily thoughts

Gratitude journaling – don’t do it every day!

This is a short response to a good article I read about Gratitude Journaling. Few things that I would like to point to out to anyone who thinks of start doing it OR has abandoned it (like I did a couple of months ago) and is looking for a way back. First things first – …

Daily thoughts

Random thoughts journal turned into personal growth tool

At the beginning of September after month of over thinking such a small thing as having a journal I decided to do it. The simple reason behind why should I take time to sit quietly and write is that I needed to “throw away” my thoughts on paper and improve my sleep.