Improve your meditation practice with Nota Praeparatione

How to meditate better, try this?

It is one of those essential skills, that take (life)time even to come close of mastering it. While results, at first, are hard to notice, if patient enough, you will eventually see them. Recently, I decided to start meditating and see why so many successful people put it on a pedestal. For the past year and a half I’ve tested various tricks/techniques/apps that were supposed to help me meditate and feel better. Sadly most of them seemed to woo-woo or simply did not work (for me).

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The rise of the dark mode

What is dark mode? In general all bright colors are being replaced with darker ones (black or grey) to reduce eye strain especially for people working at night. In the last year or so we are witnessing an increasing number of big names implementing dark mode as an optional view for their users.  Companies and … Read more

The most efficient way of consuming books without dedicating any of your free time.

As most of you I am busy juggling more than one or two things in my life. From working in the family company, starting another one to training 5-6 days a week AND having some kind of social life. Each as aspect is demanding attention, time and energy which are limited.

My love for books, unlike for most people, started later in my life when I entered university. I found that reading mostly non-fiction books were of immense help to my education and growth. I always knew that entrepreneurship is what I am going to do for the rest of my life, thus  getting more knowledge than what was offered by the university was a complete must.

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Gratitude journaling – don’t do it every day!

This is a short response to a good article I read about Gratitude Journaling.

Few things that I would like to point to out to anyone who thinks of start doing it OR has abandoned it (like I did a couple of months ago) and is looking for a way back.

First things first – I strongly suggest you read the article Gratitude Journaling for Cynics

You will find extensive description what it is, how to do it and ready to use templates. Everything you need to begin today.

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